Asia Online Publishing Group Introduces On360, a Digital Content Management Platform

CYBERJAYA, MALAYSIA, November 2nd, 2021, Asia Online Publishing Group (AOPG) Asia’s leading independent IT news publisher and content marketing company is pleased to announce the launch of On360° (onthreesixty.com).

Delivered as Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS), On360° is a comprehensive online digital content engagement platform.

Melina Hwang, AOPG General Manager explained, “In a world flooded with content, marketers need to rise above the noise by creating highly engaging online materials which attract relevant readers by delivering highly valuable and enriched interactive online experiences. That’s exactly what On360° allows marketers to do.”

Melina shared that, “Marketing campaigns used to be about finding audience and driving them to an offline event, we referred to this as the ‘call to action’. In today’s world, the ‘experience or call to action’ needs to be online also. Think of On360° as a suite of online content options, each of which can act as a call to action in its own right.”

Instead of using unproven black box type algorithms to guess at reader intent, On360° assets engage users and encourage them to share insights naturally as they engage with the content. The net result is to generate rich opt-ins furnished with deeper insight into each reader’s needs and requirements.

Currently, On360° has 7 pillars delivered using the MaaS model. The pillars include enriched:

2.      Academy builder/training.
3.      Digital showcase.
4.      Virtual expo.
5.      Special focus feature.
6.      e-directory.
7.      Intelligent assessment.

Not only does the platform allow you to build these landing sites but, in addition, On360° subscribers get access to our editorial team to help them write and produce the content that is published to these pages.

Melina described how On360° evolved. “We are the leading IT news publisher in the region but we monetise by running online marketing and lead generation campaigns for our clients. As part of this process, we developed multiple platforms over the years which assisted our online lead generation efforts. We realised that this IP was valuable not just to us but to any marketers looking to modernise their marketing approach. On360° is a natural evolution. Using our own methods, techniques and IP, we have created a single platform that can be used by any online marketer in any industry.”

She continued, “We see a bright future for the platform with the development path already defined for some time into the future, with advanced analytics and CRM integrations already being worked on.”

AOPG will continue to use On360 as its own internal engine, powering marketing campaigns for its existing clientele. Melina points out that the really exciting aspect of this announcement is how she expects On360° to become an integral tool in an online marketers toolbox, akin to their webinar provider subscription.

To find out more, please visit our On360 website or watch the interview video below.

For more info please contact:

Harith Hela Ladin

Phone Number: +60388005237 / 38

Email:  harith@aopg.net

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