Are You Equipped For Industrial Revolution 4.0?

We live in an economy powered by technology. Our landscape fuelled by information, driven by knowledge. Just a few decades ago, employers advertised for switchboard operators and typist. Today we see vacancies for application developers, cloud computing specialist and even drone operators. This is the era of digital transformation.
The advancement of technologies creates new capabilities and benefits, but they also introduce new risks. One fine example is the Internet of Things (IoT). Big data concept has long exist before the term was coined, however, with the burst of IoT into the scene, it is a match made in heaven, both for the business AND the adversary – cybercriminals.
As organisations rely on digitised information and sharing of data across the globe, they become easy targets for many different forms of attacks. A cyber-attack not only harms a business’ reputation but also create legal or regulatory non-compliance issues and financial damage.
Still in the example above, cybersecurity is in the corporate agenda of many board meetings today. It is crucial for businesses to know what is happening and how it is happening. It is also imperative to have certified teams who can identify the threats, and capable of addressing any breakdowns or breaches.
With this intention, New Horizons Malaysia is organizing Cyber Resilience & Info Security (CRIS) Conference 3.0, happening on April 11th-12th at Setia City Convention Centre.
Do not miss out on this opportunity to witness industry leaders and cyber security experts that have trained the FBI, United States Air Force, PDRM and many more notable parties share insights on how to secure your organisation and combat the ever increasing cyber security scares. Get your 10% discount using the promo code CRISAOPG2018. To know more information of CRIS or New Horizons Malaysia, write to cris@newhorizons.my or call 03-2287 1829 (Benjamin).

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