2nd Edition of Capture the Flag Competition for Girls in Singapore Goes Live This Weekend – Registration Still Open

Women of Security (WoSEC) Singapore has announced that it will be hosting its second Capture The Flag (CTF) tournament for Girls in Singapore. The event, part of the SG Cyber Women X Series, supported by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), is going to be held on 12th September 2020 starting at 10 AM SGT.


Once the event kicks off, participants will have 24 hours to solve tough and unique CTF challenges on the Hack The Box platform. Those that make the top 5 on the scoreboard stand a chance to win attractive prizes sponsored by Hack The Box.

This one-day online cybersecurity hacking competition aims to help girls and women emerge at the forefront and showcase their cyber and hacking skills. In an era where the shortage of cybersecurity talent is becoming a real issue, it also helps organisations to bring the best diversity to their team and allows them to tap most of the available talent out there.

According to Dr Magda Chelly, Founder of Women of Security Singapore Chapter, “Our second edition of the CTF For Girls in Singapore is an opportunity for all girls and women passionate in security to participate in a hacking competition. The online event will last 24 hours, and will allow the participants to evaluate their technical skills in a safe and positive environment. The event not only will give more confidence to the participants but should encourage more diversity in future CTF in the city-state.”

Magda stated that this is a fun event where contestants will be able to test their skills and pick up some new ones along the way. As part of the competition, participants will be tasked with solving various security challenges to earn points using skills like cryptography, reverse engineering, binary exploitation, web exploitation and more.

WoSEC is a community for women who are working, or interested in, security and technology, with around 400 members in Singapore. Magda explained that “WoSEC believes in creating variety and diversity. This one-day online cybersecurity hacking competition is sure to help girls and women emerge at the forefront. They will not only learn some of the best skills from cybersecurity professionals, but at the same time, it will also inspire the younger teams to explore the best of skills from different role models as well.”

This CTF tournament is open to all women, of all ages and experience. Interested participants should definitely come forward and register to be part of this 24-hour online competition.

For more information and registration, click here.

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