Network Access - Cyber Criminals’ Gateway to Your Business

Keeping your business safe from cyber criminals has become a crucial topic of discussion in recent times. A major part of that comes from securing your network access which is considered the gateway to your whole network of devices. The world has become much more connected through data sharing and communication over the internet, as well as free network access to the internet becoming more popular. Therefore, becoming aware and alert at how cyber criminals gain access is very much a determining factor in the fight against cyber-crimes.
Whether it’s your phone, webcam or your home or office, an internet router can be the gateway that cyber criminals can gain access to your most sensitive data. It is important to adhere to expert advice from those in the industry on how to ensure your data and communication is closely secured from attacks or malicious actions, or the cost of remedying could put you out of business.
Here are a few ways to prevent cyber-attacks on your networks:
  1. Security on devices. Reset passwords on smartphones, tablets, computers as well as routers—and be wary of connecting to unsecured networks.
  2. Apps. Be aware of apps that are no longer in use. Check devices periodically and delete them. Cyber criminals look for old unused apps as a means of infiltration to your devices.
  3. Know what you are buying. Find out if the device or service you are purchasing, is reliable and see if it has a reputation for security issues. If the device and service you are currently using has been hacked before, its best to look for an alternative.
  4. Revisiting the office router. Cyber security experts advise that every business owner with an internet router needs to periodically schedule routine maintenance for it. Failing to do this can also lead to being attacked.
  5. Restrict access to your network. Only allow approved laptops, tablets or smart devices to connect to your network, or limit user access based on policy. Insider threats are real, and one of the hardest threats to detect and mitigate.
Take a few minutes on a monthly basis to keep your office protected by following these tips. It just might save you and your business from a costly and disruptive cyber-crime. Vendors such as Cisco, by default, build routers to handle cyber-attacks for small to medium businesses. Although these steps are not infallible in the war against cyber-crime, having an added safety measure that’s built in, further nullifies the possibility of becoming a victim.
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