Is It Time to Replace Your Current Anti-Virus? Yes, It Is According to CrowdStrike

By 2021, it is estimated that cybercrime damages will reach USD$6 trillion. The protection you already have in place may not be giving you all the coverage you need. Being protected with the right solutions that keep pace with modern threats is crucial to prevent potential attacks and associated revenue loss.
Thousands of attacks are successfully perpetrated against organisations of all sizes where the victims were not un-protected. These companies actually already had traditional AV protection solutions

in place. Today, almost all companies have an antivirus (AV) solution in place. It begs the question "shouldn’t these solutions be preventing these attacks from being successful?” In actuality, the attackers are always thinking forward, adapting their tools, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to evade detection and perpetrate the individual or company.
Organisations need to focus on their core business, they do not want to spend cycles checking and rechecking that their security systems are keeping pace with the adapting threat. How can this be achieved?
CrowdStrike is a next generation security vendor who has thought through some of the best practices for how you should go about updating your existing AV solutions. CrowdStrike will start with looking at whether your current solution meets some basic modern-day requirements:
  • Ability to prevent malware
  • Ability to prevent unknown or Zero-Day malware
  • Ability to protect beyond malware
  • Ability to protect across the entire attack continuum
CrowdStrike Falcon’s next-gen antivirus solution offers protection beyond malware to protect systems at any and all stages of an attack. The protection platform is lightweight with almost no impact on endpoints, making it easy to implement and giving you an immediate time-to-value.
The problem with coming to a right decision is compounded due to the many options already available in the market and trying to make sense of all the new technologies to reach the most applicable and accurate assessment.

CrowdStrike instead wants you to ask these critical questions before coming to a conclusion.
  • Does your solution use technology like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to keep pace with the evolving threat?
  • Is your solution simple to deploy, manage and maintain?
  • Does your solution protect through all the stages of potential attacks?
CrowdStrike encourages you to always validate statements made by vendors and cross-check the provider's claims with independent third-party testing, analyst reports and back it up with your own testing to arrive at the best solution for your needs.
To learn more about how CrowdStrike can help to improve your AV solution, visit this link.
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