How Would You Like Access to Cybersecurity Experts on Tap?

The problem with Cybersecurity is that “you don’t know what you don’t know”. If you consider the number of cybersecurity accreditations and qualifications a highly rated Cybersecurity expert has under their belt, you quickly appreciate just how complex the job of defending your company and staff from security attacks really is. 

Large companies have the resources to invest in IT security teams made of people with specialist expertise securing end points, networks, web, applications and databases. They invest in hiring ethical hackers right through to psychologists assessing where the threat is coming from. 
Small companies have the same threat surface as large companies, but it is often the job of a single IT generalist to try to protect everything. 

The reality is even without the responsibility of running the IT systems, the challenge of protecting them is incredibly tough for one person. There is no single product that does the job. Keeping up with all the security products available is an impossible task for one person. What makes that even tougher is that as employees use increasingly more devices, have increasingly more mobile access to corporate systems and use more SaaS type services, the scope of what needs to be protected even for small companies is continually expanding. 

To make matters even tougher, technologies like AI and automation are available to bad actors, giving them the ability to target companies at scale. This means focused attacks targeted at small businesses are a reality. It’s not a question of if you get attacked, it’s a fact that even small businesses are consistently being actively targeted. 

The days of installing end point software and a firewall and believing you are covered are long gone. IT managers and small IT teams managing small businesses need to supplement their generalist knowledge with deep and specialist security skills. 

One way to do this is to work with specialist security VARS to implement solutions and give the best advice. However, this alone may not be enough. 

Companies like Ingram Micro have recognised this dilemma and have come up with a solution. They have a South Asia based team of incredibly highly specialised and qualified security consultants. People that have spent their professional life’s in cybersecurity and focus day in and day out on understanding what the threats are and how to best protect and remediate. 

Ingram understood that many small businesses do not need and cannot afford to employ these kind of experts on permanent basis, but also realised that being able to have access to these people for advise in general and emergency help when problems occur, would be incredibly helpful to many IT teams holding the fort for small businesses. 

To facilitate this, Ingram launched the CMAS service, providing access to experts to discuss and get advice on issues including Cyber Defence Operation Center, Security Operation Center, Data Loss Prevention, IT Compliance and Security Assessment, Security Incident and Event Management and Endpoint Protection. 

To find out more about the CMAS offering click here.

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