How AI and Automation Can Transform Your Cybersecurity Posture

AI and automation are transforming business processes in the 4th industrial revolution. As businesses consider employing AI technology to ease their operations, integrating AI and automation as a part of their data security should not be overlooked. Currently, companies are operating with the threat of data breaches hanging over their heads as cybercriminals become bolder and more sophisticated in the current work environment. To combat this, organisational leaders are always looking for solutions to strengthen their security by investing in multiple tools and complex non-integrated security systems.

We tend to conclude with the amount of money that companies are spending on various tools, devices, and systems; those complex solutions would lower the data breach cost. Yet this is untrue, as IBM’s 2021 Cost of a Data Breach report shows that more complex security systems increase the average cost of data breaches by up to USD $2.15 million compared to low-complexity systems.

Well then, how can companies reduce the complexity of their security systems without compromising their organisational data? The answer is AI and automation. Organisational leaders may not like this idea, pushing it aside as mere hype. Still, evidence has shown that the difference in average cost of a data breach by security automation deployment level is USD $3.81 million.

It may be easier to understand AI security solutions if we dissect precisely what it entails. Security automation essentially augments human efforts in the process of detection and containment of incidents and intrusion by leveraging a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, and automated security orchestration.

With many organisations currently facing skilled talent shortages, security automation can help overcome that problem while driving consistent deeper investigations into your system in a fraction of the time. Automatically chaining together different potential incidents, utilising analytics to identify threats beforehand without getting fatigued. Not only that, with a security environment that is powered and augmented by AI, IT teams are given a comprehensive view of the investigation alongside an automated incident response workflow to enable continuous IR assessment and refinement by SOCs.

Alongside the benefits above, an AI integrated security solution can provide faster identification and containment of data breaches along with various other cost-saving benefits that are presented in IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021. Want to learn more? Click here to get access to the full report.

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