Ensure Your Business Continuity with an Efficient Crisis Communication System

Whenever there is a crisis at hand, be it a natural disaster, or a major power outage resulting in corporation-wide network failure, business productivity and operations must go on. No matter how serious the crisis is, businesses always ensure they have contingency plans in place to ensure their business continuity.

But while plans are in place, the execution of these actions can be rather complicated in times of urgency. Employees, as much as they are committed to their work, will always be worried about their loved ones under such circumstances. In times like these, communication is essential. Government agencies are quite well equipped to inform the public on what they need to do in times of crisis.

But what about organisations? Is having a contingency plan enough to ensure business continuity?

In any such times of emergency, most of us will depend on our mobile devices for communicating. The best way to ensure personnel safety is to first ensure the right message is getting to them from a trusted source at the right time. Hence, having an emergency notification message sent to our devices during these situations will be the most efficient method to communicate.

BlackBerry AtHoc unifies crisis communication. It is able to quickly communicate a consistent message across multiple channels and delivery devices, all integrated using the IP network. The information can be sent via multiple and redundant means. AtHoc automates the process for the safety of employees by providing real-time visibility during critical events.

Apart from a crisis, businesses can also send notifications for other purposes. For example, a company falls victim to a cyberattack. Employers can send emergency notifications to their staff to warn them of the situation and keep them alert. Most importantly, employees will be able to respond accordingly to secure whatever tasks they have.

A case study by BlackBerry AtHoc on one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial machinery showed how important an emergency notification system is during times of crisis. Having previously relied on an inefficient service, the plant now uses AtHoc for its crisis notifications to notify its workers whenever there is an emergency. Workers are able to move faster and avoid any injuries or damages, ensuring more safety. And after that, they are able to resume their operations with minimal interference.

To find out more about how your business can use this service, BlackBerry is organising an event in Singapore. Amit Mehta, BlackBerry Managing Director for Southeast Asia and India together with BlackBerry’s APAC Technical Solution lead, Adam Sloan will discuss and share how you can use BlackBerry’s AtHoc Suite for your business continuity in times of crisis.

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