2018 Press Releases

May 17, 2018

USO Uses Cylance’s AI Powered Endpoint Solution To Protect Donors, Along with Service Members and Their Families from Information Theft

Cylance® Inc., is pleased to highlight the proactive efforts of the United Service Organizations, Inc. (USO) in preventing the theft of sensitive data of their donors, service members, and service member families using their services.
USO views the security of their worldwide distributed footprint to be critical to safeguarding all information and processes. With CylancePROTECT® as a key component of the non-profit organization’s overall security structure, the USO has been able to protect user information and credentials without requiring additional overhead to manage the system.
The global nature of the USO user base has resulted in a fairly complex IT environment. “Our regionally deployed and widespread footprint presents an expansive surface to protect, any corner of which, if not protected properly, could compromise our enterprise data,” said Eli Hertz, the USO’s Vice President of Information Technology.
The USO also recently released a mobile application that helps service members and their families find USO locations and learn about its array of programs and services. These new technologies require strong preventative security measures to properly safeguard information infrastructure.
“We’re proud to protect the data of service members and military families who have dedicated their lives to protecting people,” said John Giacomini, Executive Vice President, Global Sales at Cylance. “The USO is making great strides to protect the donors, service members, and military families who use their services, while simultaneously enabling them with innovative new technologies to make their services even easier to use, and we’re proud to support them in their mission.”
“With more than 200 USO locations in 14 countries, the global nature of our infrastructure creates a complex IT environment of which CylancePROTECT safeguards,” said Hertz. “In addition to our traditional network infrastructure, the USO uses this best-of-breed technology to uphold our two primary security goals, protecting the donor information and that of our service members and families using our services.”