2018 Press Releases

July 06, 2018

ThreatMetrix Summer ’18 Release Extends Product Offerings to Support 3DS 2.0 Risk Decisions and Adds Champion Challenger Capability

ThreatMetrix®, A LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Company, today announced the Summer ’18 Release, which delivers a new 3D Secure 2.0 offering and Champion Challenger capabilities.
Introducing the ThreatMetrix 3DS 2.0 Solution for Enhanced Risk Decisioning
ThreatMetrix has launched a new risk engine API specifically to support 3DS 2.0 environments, enhancing risk-based decisions for card-not-present transactions.
ThreatMetrix has a unique ability to correlate information from a consumer’s real-time transactions with historical data from the Digital Identity Network®. This will enable enhanced payment authorization decisions with no additional user input, even when it is the first time that user has interacted with 3DS 2.0.
“3DS 2.0 is a huge paradigm shift, reimagining the payments landscape with a view to shifting the authentication process from onerous to friction-free. The modern consumer has little tolerance for being slowed down while transacting online and needs authorization methods that are tailored to a digital-first world,” commented Alisdair Faulkner, Chief Product Officer at ThreatMetrix. “Leading the field in risk-based authentication, ThreatMetrix is ideally placed to support the move to 3DS 2.0 environments. ThreatMetrix is already working with leading card networks, payment processors, merchants and many other global businesses to implement 3DS 2.0, giving its customers a head start.”
Champion Challenger Introduced to Provide Continuous Model Evaluation for Better Fraud Decisions
ThreatMetrix Champion Challenger is a new feature to help risk analysts and policy editors run a new or modified “challenger” policy alongside a live “champion” policy. This is done to compare performance before making changes to the live environment. Both the champion policy and its linked challenger policy are executed simultaneously on the same events, enabling policy editors to directly compare results including policy scores, risk ratings, and reason codes.
ThreatMetrix customers can implement incremental changes within the platform to understand the impacts and effectiveness of any change prior to putting it in production. Fine-tuning policies in this way will allow businesses to keep pace with changes in consumer behavior and fraud patterns while eliminating the risk associated with live changes. Champion Challenger can be used alongside the Maker Checker policy approval workflow that was released earlier in 2018 to enforce strong governance in the overall policy management process.