2018 Press Releases

August 27, 2018

Sharing trade information by utilizing block chains, NEDO and NTT data development To next year's demonstration experiment

The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) announced on February 23 that it will undertake the development and verification of information sharing system utilizing block chain technology for export procedure . We aim to streamline trade procedures. NTT DATA is in charge of development and plans to conduct demonstration experiments for container exports to North America and Asia at the beginning of next year.
Using block chain technology, NEDO will develop a "trade information collaboration infrastructure system" that allows companies related to export procedures to manage and share data on cargo and procedures.
Currently, information is exchanged by paper media and PDF, which is said to cost a great deal of manual input tasks and checking / correcting incorrect inputs resulting therefrom. In trade practices, information is frequently exchanged among various business operators such as cargo owners and brokerage operators, customs clearance operators, shipping companies, and frequently updates / changes information. We decided that block chain technology is suitable for managing the history of information and ensuring authenticity.
NTT DATA was selected as a delegate to this system development. According to the press release of NTT DATA, we will conduct a demonstration project from January to March of 2019, and we will verify the effect of improving productivity of related businesses and shortening lead time for export by introducing new system. We also provided an API for business owners already holding systems and developed a simple interface for small and medium enterprises. We will also cooperate in formulating data standards and sharing rules relating to trade procedure information.