2018 Press Releases

November 15, 2018

Secureworks Finds the Majority of Cybercrime Damage is Caused by a Few, Powerful, Covert Criminal Threat Groups

Secureworks®, a leading global cybersecurity company that protects organizations in the digitally connected world, today released the findings of its State of Cybercrime Report 2018 to illuminate the cybercrime trends and events that shaped the year.
From July 2017 through June 2018, Secureworks Counter Threat Unit® (CTU®) researchers analyzed incident response outcomes and conducted original research to gain insight into threat activity and behavior across 4,400 companies.
Among their findings was evidence that a small subset of professional criminal actors is responsible for the bulk of cybercrime-related damage, employing tools and techniques as sophisticated, targeted and insidious as most nation-state actors. These sophisticated and capable criminal gangs operate largely outside of the dark web, although they may leverage low-level criminal tools occasionally when it serves their purposes.
At the same time, there has been no lull in the overall volume of threats, and low-level cybercriminal activity remains a robust market economy, often taking place in view of security researchers and law enforcement on the dark web. While relatively simple in their approach, these activities can still deal widespread damage.
“Cybercrime is a lucrative industry, and it’s not surprising it’s become the arm of powerful, organized groups,” says Don Smith, Senior Director, Cyber Intelligence Cell, Secureworks Counter Threat Unit. “To understand the complete picture of the cybercriminal world, we developed insights based on a combination of dark web monitoring and client brand surveillance with automated technical tracking of cybercriminal toolsets.”