2018 Press Releases

April 24, 2018

Proofpoint Delivers People-Centric Security Innovation: Announces Four New Solutions Across Cloud Applications, Email Fraud Prevention, and Social Media

Proofpoint, Inc., today announced four new people-centric security solutions to help organizations as they continue to conduct business beyond the enterprise perimeter, often in cloud environments. These innovations provide organizations with deep visibility into their greatest security risk—their people—and include Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker (PCASB), 360 Degree Email Fraud Protection, Threat Response Auto-Pull (TRAP) Abuse Mailbox Monitoring, and Executive and Location Threat Monitoring for social media and dark web channels.
“Threat actors increasingly target people, not infrastructure, and the move to the cloud changes the way organizations need to protect themselves,” said Ryan Kalember, senior vice president of Cybersecurity Strategy for Proofpoint. “Today’s announcement emphasizes our relentless focus on enabling organizations to safeguard their greatest risk—their people—by defending, preventing, and responding to threats across an ever-changing landscape. We invest twenty percent of our revenue back into research and development, a rate that is well above the security industry average and these innovations are the most recent testament to that mission.”
Available today, each of the following solutions advance security insight and protection beyond the traditional enterprise perimeter:

  • Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker (PCASB) enables security teams to deploy cloud applications with confidence. It protects organizations from advanced threats, accidental sharing of sensitive data, and compliance risks in the cloud. In combination with Proofpoint’s leading email security solution, which for many organizations is the most visible and targeted cloud application, PCASB delivers unparalleled Office 365 and G Suite protection.

  • Proofpoint 360 Degree Email Fraud Protection protects employees, customers, and partners from all forms of email fraud. An enhancement to the Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense solution, the new 360 Degree functionality includes integrated display name and brand spoofing protection as well as protection from lookalike (or typosquatting) domains. This integrated solution provides visibility and protection from all impostor email threats – regardless of the tactic used or the person being targeted – from a single portal.

  • Proofpoint Threat Response, an in-depth security orchestration and automation platform, now provides Abuse Mailbox Monitoring to ensure rapid automated analysis and response for emails that users flag as potentially malicious. Unlike current manual processes, TRAP abuse mailbox monitoring automates the detection of truly malicious emails, orchestrates the proper remediation actions, and surfaces valuable threat intelligence, saving time and energy for the security and messaging teams.

  • Proofpoint Executive and Location Threat Monitoring solution for social media and dark web channels instantly provides situational awareness to security teams by crawling the digital world, spanning millions of web pages and social sites daily. This solution helps organizations accurately discover: physical threats to employees and locations; potential protests; doxing incidents; reputational impact; email compromise/password exposure on the dark web; and fraudulent executive accounts.