2018 Press Releases

October 08, 2018

Platform to establish Malaysia as hub for cyber threat intelligence sharing

CyberSecurity Malaysia and VigilantAsia initiated a Regional Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform (Cyber-TIP), the region’s first government and industry cyber security predictive threat intelligence platform.
Together with Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam as supporting partners, the initiation of the Cyber-TIP will establish Malaysia as the regional hub for Cyber Threat Intelligence sharing.
With Cybercrime and Data Breaches becoming more prevalent globally, especially in the Asean region and most recently with the high profile data breach of SingHealth in Singapore, there is an urgent need for governments and industries to work together against cybercriminals.
“We are happy and proud to be part of this collaboration with Vigilant Asia as this is in line with our objectives to strengthen the technical capabilities of local companies internationally and to address cyber threats in a more comprehensive manner throughout the region.
With the cyber threat intelligence data collected from governments and industries across the region, we will be able to pinpoint attacks and predict cyberattacks across the industries in the region as an early warning system so that we can defend and be cyber-resilient.
CyberSecurity Malaysia intends to further its collaboration and engagement with the local cybersecurity industry and to ensure that Malaysia becomes the cybersecurity regional hub that creates jobs and generates economic wealth” – Datuk Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab, chief executive officer of CyberSecurity Malaysia.
Cyber-TIP will be able to harness threat intel from both governments and industries using Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to predict incoming attacks patterns acting as an Early Warning System for governments and private organizations across the region.
With actionable internal and external threat intel, governments and organizations will be able to receive immediate contextual forensic data on threats to take preventive measures to strengthen their cyber defences according to the nature and types of attacks and industry verticals before a cyber-tsunami debilitates and destroys the foundations of industries across the region.