2018 Press Releases

April 20, 2018

Ixia Helps Organizations Validate Microsoft Azure DDoS Protection Service Defenses

Ixia today announced new capabilities in BreakingPoint Cloud to help organizations take a proactive approach to cloud security by validating their cloud-based distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection services.

As the cloud gains in importance to organizations, public clouds have become a prime target for DDoS attacks. Organizations continue to migrate to the cloud, with 92 percent of companies using public cloud according to RightScale’s State of the Cloud Report 2018. At the same time, DDoS attacks continue to grow and evolve, leveraging new vulnerabilities that cloud users must prepare to protect themselves against.
BreakingPoint Cloud now delivers realistic DDoS attack simulations and quantifiable test results, which enable users to validate Microsoft Azure DDoS protection service defenses, optimize DDoS response process by reducing the time to detect and react to DDoS attacks, accelerate time to compliance, reduce security risk, and train network security teams.
“Microsoft and Ixia are proven innovators and trusted technology partners,” said JR Mayberry, Principal Product Manager, Azure Networking, Microsoft Corporation. “This partnership offers Azure customers the opportunity to prepare and test their cloud protection environment, train their teams, and proactively secure their Azure resources against DDoS attacks.”
“Organizations must be prepared to protect their data and applications in the cloud,” said Sunil Kalidindi, vice president of product management at Ixia, a Keysight Business. “We are proud to partner with Microsoft to offer a proven solution, BreakingPoint Cloud, to their customers subscribing to Microsoft DDoS Protection Service Standard. With BreakingPoint Cloud DDoS simulations, these customers can better analyze and interpret their Azure DDoS Protection service telemetry to be certain that applications can scale, DDoS compliance is documented, and the security team knows how to quickly respond.”
Developed in partnership with and approved by Microsoft, these new BreakingPoint Cloud capabilities enable self-service DDoS validation in a controlled environment. The solution is cost-effective, using use-based pricing that eliminates large upfront investments, allowing customers to improve cash flow and maintain better control of budgets by paying only for the capacity used. BreakingPoint Cloud provides:

  • Authorized DDoS simulation from a trusted vendor

  • Validation-as-a-service through DDoS-as-a-service — consume it with a browser, no software to install, always up-to-date

  • Built-in safety features that validate the target IP address is owned by the Azure account that executes the DDoS test simulation