2018 Press Releases

March 19, 2018

The Future Bloomberg of Crypto Currency -- STOCKCHAIN Announces Pre-ICO Launch

STOCKCHAIN (stockchain.co), announces its Pre-ICO launch with tokens of 1.8 billion STOCKCHAIN COIN(SCC) available during pre-sale (16th-19th, March) and main ICO campaign. Investors can pay their transaction fees, service purchase, programmatic transactions and financial derivatives trading fees on the platform with SCC. There is also a bounty program that participator can get 5 SCC for free with inviting a friend.
STOCKCHAIN was founded by a group of experts from the fields of science, technology and finance. It aims to build a crypto currency quotation analysis platform for professional investors adhering to the concept of decentralization. Then, it uploads and shares the quotes data scattered on global exchanges to practitioners in the blockchain, which fills the gap between the market potential and true cross platform. Therefore, it could solve the "information isolated island" problem caused by decentralization of thousands of exchanges.
STOCKCHAIN have access to all platforms' quotation and exchange interfaces, then integrates and enables a unique quotation system by deeply cooperating with global major exchange platforms, in which the investors will keep abreast of crypto currency market updates. Furthermore, they can easily select currency to conduct centralized trading through multi-dimension index and AI investment model provided by the platform.
The programmatic auto trading service will allow STOCKCHAIN platform to sharply increase investing efficiency to investors, which will not only boost a healthier crypto currency market, but also lay the solid foundation for the market's future. Just like the financial analysis advisor of STOCKCHAIN Professor, Nickolaos G. Travlos said: "The STOCKCHAIN's execution technology could potentially give traders a competitive edge as it could increase the speed with which an investor can trade ensuring they do not miss out on trading opportunities in the fast moving markets."