2018 Press Releases

May 08, 2018

Everbridge Expands Reach and Partnership Ecosystem of IT Alerting™: New Generation IT Response Automation Platform

Everbridge, Inc., the global leader in critical event management and incident response automation, has broadened the capabilities of its IT Alerting™ platform while growing its partnership ecosystem during the past quarter. This has increased industry recognition, new strategic technology partnerships, and significant innovations for its customer base.
According to a recent IDG survey measuring critical IT incident response effectiveness, the time spent to engage an IT response team can incur costs ranging from $222,000 to more than $340,000 per major incident. With new and varied challenges facing enterprise IT organizations at a global level, the need for enhanced alerting platforms capable of uniting teams has never been greater. Enterprise customers are selecting Everbridge’s IT Alerting solution to unify their approach to response management and to streamline communications, collaboration, and orchestration processes to resolve incidents faster.
“An increasing number of organizations worldwide have recognized and adopted Everbridge IT Alerting to respond to the rapid rise in critical IT needs at a global level,” said Vick Vaishnavi, General Manager, IT Alerting Business at Everbridge. “It is no longer feasible for enterprises to maintain manual response processes in the face of IT incidents such as cyber-attacks and application or infrastructure failures, nor does it make sense to adopt a solution that fails to quickly engage the appropriate personnel and notify impacted business users. Everbridge leverages new generation technology to provide closed-loop incident response automation that consistently alerts and notifies the right stakeholders during an IT incident.”
IT Alerting: True End-to-End IT Response Automation
This quarter, Everbridge has announced several critical enhancements to its IT Alerting platform and now offers true end-to-end IT Response Automation to restore services faster. These updates include:

  • Smart Orchestration™, which utilizes advanced cognitive analytics techniques to go beyond Targeted Notifications and integrate communication with collaboration and workflow automation.

  • Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS™) for IT Alerting, enabling enterprise IT organizations to easily build their own integrations with the tools and solutions they already use, such as IT monitoring, application performance monitoring (APM), network performance monitoring (NPM), security information and event management (SIEM), event correlation, ticketing systems, DevOps, security, configuration management databases, patch management, and release and change management.

  • Everbridge has expanded its Technical Alliance Partnership eco-system in the quarter to include Ayehu, Cherwell, IBM, and Zenoss. These ready-to-use integrations make it easy for Everbridge customers to automate the response to incidents across all areas of IT–service operations, IT security operations, DevOps, and business continuity/disaster recovery.

“For digital and IT transformation to take hold, the dialogue across IT functional teams, and between IT and the business it serves, will need to be optimized,” said Dennis Drogseth, Vice President, Enterprise Management Associates. “Enterprises are beginning to recognize the need for a new kind of digital war room that goes well beyond basic notification and equips an organization with tools for team integration and collaboration, response management, and decision making. Everbridge continues to address the needs of today’s enterprise by eliminating communications silos that inhibit incident response.”