2018 Press Releases

January 30, 2018

CryptoSecure Launches Beta Release for Cryptocurrency Security Platform

The much-anticipated launch of the CryptoSecure ‘SafeWindow' ground-breaking SaaS security application to secure Private Keys and cryptocurrency transactions, will proceed as from today.
CryptoSecure has today opened up registration for up to 2,000 free Beta licenses to road test the CryptoSecure ‘SafeWindow' security application while work continues to further improve security and user experience. Following the Beta version release, the CryptoSecure ‘SafeWindow' app will be made available initially to a limited 10,000 users at an attractive launch discount.
In all cryptocurrency transactions security of Private Keys is paramount and privacy is a core driver of the decentralized community. If a Private Key is hacked the account cryptocurrencies are stolen.
With increasing incidence of Private Keys, exchanges and ICOs being hacked and the current exponential growth in the cryptocurrency market sector, Private Key security, privacy, and trust are critical.
The CryptoSecure SaaS product ‘SafeWindow' cryptocurrency security solution is exclusively licensed, through BankVault (GoPC Pty Ltd), for specific application in the cryptocurrency and blockchain market sectors. Through further license agreement with Key Capital Corporation, Trusted Systems Computing and One Time Pad (OTP) applications will be additionally developed and integrated as CryptoSecure security products. Completion of this development, will provide for a hybrid Trusted blockchain CryptoSecure transactional platform, as well as providing additional security and authority layers to the CryptoSecure ‘SafeWindow' product.
Using CryptoSecure ‘SafeWindow' makes you, your IP and geolocation invisible to everyone including hackers. Your cryptocurrency security, as well as your privacy, are assured.
CryptoSecure further advises that it plans to launch a flat fee CryptoSecure enabled decentralized cryptocurrency exchange later in the year. Being decentralized the CryptoSecure exchange will provide for secure and confidential peer-to-peer trading of numerous cryptocurrencies within a totally private virtual environment.
Establishment of a CryptoSecure decentralized exchange will dramatically improve security for cryptocurrency account holders, and by deploying a peer-to-peer approach it makes it close to impossible for thefts such as the CoinCheck exchange hack in Japan this week to be perpetrated.
As the CryptoSecure product platform develops, market and user confidence in the security and integrity of cryptocurrencies will grow, as will the comfort of legitimacy. In this regard commentary through regulators, and most recently by US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin relaying Washington's concern about cryptocurrencies being used for illicit activities is grossly misguided, as the major currency for illicit activity and trade by far is still the US dollar.